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  • The Newest S2 TWS Earphone
    The Newest S2 TWS Earphone2018-10-18

    Magnet adsorption Charging automatically to connect the 2 ports Environmental silicone material Ergonomic design that will be comfortable for ears…

  • <font color='#0000FF'>HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fai</font>
    HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fai2017-04-01

    HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition),We are looking forward to meeting with you soon.…

  • <font color='#0000FF'>The Gift of Magi----Magift Bran</font>
    The Gift of Magi----Magift Bran2016-10-06

    The Gif tofMagi--MagiftOrigin Christmascoming,how'syourpromotionpurchaseplan? I'dliketorecommendyouourMagift1Bluetoothheadphone. HaveyouheardofthelovestoryTheGiftofMagibyO.HenryfromAmerica? It'saromanticChristmasstory,anditstheorigi…

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  • <font color='#0000FF'>ALD60-- Handsfree FM Tranmitter</font>
    ALD60-- Handsfree FM Tranmitter2017-04-12


  • Mobile power not to charge the
    Mobile power not to charge the 2013-04-23

    Mobile power so far, to everyone's travel, travel, as well as the business office, recreation has brought great convenience, but the mobile power also in the process also encountered some problems, this article can not give mobile power some mobile ph…

  • 18650 core and polymer batterie
    18650 core and polymer batterie2013-04-23

    Mobile power markets in general, there are two batteries, one is 18650, and the other is a polymer batteries. The both batteries ruled the vast share of the market in the lithium battery industry. Mentioned in a lot of customers to the mobile power ba…

  • Three criteria to determine the
    Three criteria to determine the2013-04-23

    Briefly mobile power products portability, practicality, versatility has been recognized by the user. Mobile power products currently on the market was mixed, uneven product quality. In the purchase and use of mobile power, mobile power, how to determ…

  • Talk about the trends and marke
    Talk about the trends and marke2013-04-23

    Today, the smartphone features and more powerful, mostly using the large touch-screen settings, battery power is certainly great battery life became a problem. Today, sales of the most popular apple iphone, lpad is no way to replace the battery.…

  • The development of smart phones
    The development of smart phones2013-04-23

    Only occupy the top of the Samsung one, collectively known as the four domestic brands in China Cool associated Cool, Huawei, ZTE and China Unicom breakdown of two to five. Total share of domestic brands more than 40%, coupled with other domestic bran…