ALD60-- Handsfree FM Tranmitter

ALD60 Handsfree FM Tranmitter with phone holder 

Please check the advantages from our ALD60 as following:

No.1 The product has three functional PCBA: Button PCBA, Bluetooth function FM PCBA and Car charger PCBA.

No.2 The products are related to the plastic mold / metal mold / silicone mold. 

No.3 The car charger is 5V 2.1A. The maximum compatible voltage is 40V.

         The general car is 12V, truck is 24V, we can be compatible with all of the cars. 

         And the onversion rate of our car charger can reach more than 90 percent.

         And we can load the car charge more than 12 hours 2.1A to load. 

         Our car charger temperature will not over 50 degrees, 

         the normal product in the market is about 85 degrees.

         In this way,we can make sure the use safty.

No.4 We choose the best import chip: CSR8635 Bluetooth4. 1. It can be compatible with most of mobile phones. 

         UK CSR is the best Bluetooth chip on the market.

No.5 We do the button test and SR swing test. Our button can be more than three thousand times if use1 KG of force to play every 60 times a minute

         All the wire and SR we have done swing test and load test. 

         our audio cable can weigh 300g.The host cable can weigh 500g weight .

         We do shock test for whole item,it can load 600g weight and 72 hours vibration will not be a problem.

No.6 We are a factory to do Bluetooth and FM products for more than 10 years.

         To compared with other similar product in the market,We have better noise reduction technology both from FM and Bluetooth.

No.7  We do a drop test, it is without any problem if you throw down from any position within one meter.

We produce the product by our heart and fouce on the quality we got the global patent and it passed CE/FCC/RoHS test and have all certificate in hand.

Thanks for your time to read and understanding.We are looking forwarder to cooperate with your esteemed company soon.