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  • The Newest S2 TWS Earphone
    The Newest S2 TWS Earphone2018-10-18

    Magnet adsorption Charging automatically to connect the 2 ports Environmental silicone material Ergonomic design that will be comfortable for ears…

  • <font color='#0000FF'>HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition)</font>
    HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition)2017-04-01

    HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition),We are looking forward to meeting with you soon.…

  • <font color='#0000FF'>The Gift of Magi----Magift Brand</font>
    The Gift of Magi----Magift Brand2016-10-06

    The Gif tofMagi--MagiftOrigin Christmascoming,how'syourpromotionpurchaseplan? I'dliketorecommendyouourMagift1Bluetoothheadphone. HaveyouheardofthelovestoryTheGiftofMagibyO.HenryfromAmerica? It'saromanticChristmasstory,anditstheorigi…

  • Classification and Application of mobile power charger
    Classification and Application of mobile power charger2013-04-23

    Brief mobile power charger electronic products DC power input connector directly supply of products or charging, generally by lithium batteries or dry batteries as a power storage unit. It is itself a lithium polymer the saved electric apparatus, the …

  • Mobile power concept definitions
    Mobile power concept definitions2013-04-23

    Brief to mobile power term that is not a strange word for many people, mobile power for large power intelligent machines for now, have a great supporting role, so a lot of people have a smart phone can be more lasting are used.…

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